Minecraft Bedrock: 10 Surprising Things have in game very common

Minecraft Bedrock popular game

Minecraft Bedrock is an incredibly popular game that has been captivating players since its release. With a vast and ever-expanding world to explore, players can spend countless hours in the game without ever getting bored. While there are plenty of well-known features in Minecraft Bedrock, there are also many surprising things that players may not realize are in the game. In this article, we will explore 10 of the most surprising things that are actually quite common in Minecraft Bedrock.

One of the most exciting things to find in Minecraft Bedrock is hidden treasure. Players can find treasure maps while exploring the world, which lead them to a buried chest filled with valuable loot. The treasure can include items such as diamonds, emeralds, gold, and enchanted gear.

  • The Ender Dragon

Many players assume that once they defeat the Ender Dragon, they have completed the game. However, the Ender Dragon can be respawned, allowing players to fight it again and again. Additionally, there are multiple ways to defeat the dragon, making each battle unique and challenging.

  • Customizable Skins

Players can customize their characters’ appearances by creating or downloading skins. Skins can range from simple color changes to detailed designs that make the character look like a specific character or creature.

  • The Nether

The Nether is a dangerous and fiery dimension that players can access through a Nether portal. In this dimension, players can find unique resources, such as Nether Quartz, Glowstone, and Soul Sand. Additionally, the Nether is home to dangerous creatures, such as the Blaze and the Wither Skeleton.

  • Villages and Villagers

Villages are small communities that can be found throughout the world. These communities are home to villagers, who players can trade with for valuable resources, such as emeralds and enchanted gear.

  • Ocean Monuments

Ocean Monuments are massive structures that can be found underwater. These structures are home to the dangerous Guardians and are filled with valuable loot, such as sponges and prismarine.

  • Redstone

Redstone is a unique resource that players can use to create complex machines and mechanisms. These creations can include everything from automatic doors to massive rollercoasters.

  • Enchanting

Players can enchant their gear to give it unique properties, such as increased durability, improved speed, or the ability to breathe underwater. Enchanting requires experience points, which players can gain by defeating monsters and completing tasks.

  • The End

The End is a mysterious dimension that players can access by defeating the Ender Dragon. This dimension is home to unique resources, such as End Stone and Chorus Fruit.

  • Command Blocks

Command Blocks are powerful tools that allow players to execute commands, such as teleporting or summoning mobs, with a single click. These blocks are only accessible in Creative mode, but they can be used to create incredible custom maps and game modes.


Minecraft Bedrock is a game filled with surprises and hidden gems. From customizable skins to dangerous underwater structures, there is always something new to discover. By exploring the world and experimenting with different resources and mechanics, players can create unique and exciting gameplay experiences. With its massive community and endless possibilities, Minecraft Bedrock is a game that will continue to captivate players for years to come.

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